Spring 2013 + Interview up!


We’ve added some great new dates to our shows page HERE!

Also, we have added a transcript of our interview from KZME 107.1 FM’s “Sessions from the box”.

You can find that HERE!

We are also in the planning stages of our 2013 touring schedule, so check back soon for more updates.



Home again + New EP

We would like to give a tremendous thank you hug to all of the sweet folks around the western USA who helped make all of our tour shows a success. It can be a strange feeling to be uprooted from everyday life and be constantly in a whirlwind of on-the-move…all of you amazing people helped make that process a CELEBRATION!

This last tour we gave out handmade copies of some rough-mixed demos of some new music we’ve been working on. We hope to record a couple more songs, mix them entirely (as well as master them) and release them as an EP in some form or another in early 2013. We’re excited about the new material and have received some great and positive feedback from those lucky enough to get advanced copies at the shows. Thanks for the feedback!

Oh, and as always–if you’re out and about and want to stream a few songs (including our version of Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill):




October 2012 Tour — Halfway point!

Hallo! Ji here…We are at the halfway point of our tour–well perhaps a better way of putting it is that we are in San Antonio, the farthest point from our homes in Portland. We hit it pretty hard right out of the gate with 5 shows in 5 days with each day being a driving day as well. Outside of our quick trip the first night to Bend, OR our next 5 days looked like this: 300 mi, 360 mi, 538 mi, 395 mi, 752 mi.

But we’re not complaining! It certainly could be more rigorous–one band we played with in Denver had driven straight from Orange Co. California…ya know, just a little jaunt of 1016 mi.

Honestly,  it’s been an incredible pleasure to visit and break bread with friends we only get to see while touring. Hearing people try to describe our “sound” post-show has been pretty hilarious/awesome as well–words like “cathartic” and “serious jams” somehow combine…although our favorite was PDX KZME radio gent and all around nice guy James Dineen’s “…you sound like all the good music from the 80’s that nobody ever heard.”– but I digress…

In Salt Lake City after our set I sat next to a “man-cationing” fellow at the bar from Kansas (Hutchinson to be exact). He looked me straight in the face and asked, “How do you guys do it? I don’t understand how the money works out. Aren’t you getting killed by gas prices?” I told him that we do what every other touring band does…draft semis, short-change truck stop attendants and live off of Benzedrine.

Kidding! We would never short change anybody–that’s bad karma dude. bad karma. I told the truth to Kansas dude that this is simply what we WANT to be doing. To his credit, he understood. He shook his head and said, “I get that. I’m a Pharmacist so I have no creative outlet…”

So then…our road winds somehow onward. We now begin our return trip to the soggy Northwest via Arizona and our many shows in California. BUT before we begin we actually have the next couple of days off–that’s right people–FREE TIME. We are considering a band field trip to the magical, art shangri-la of Marfa, TX. Sooo, if you never hear from us again…


Aliens got us.

Tour Bliss and Studio Adventures!

We enjoyed our May tour of the Western U.S. so much that we are DOING IT AGAIN this October! Huzzah! Check our shows page for our evolving tour, which is quickly taking shape. Here is our accidental “Beastie Swansea” photo from the day we watched the solar eclipse from Venice Beach before our show at The Townhouse.

We were so inspired from the road that we started recording our new record 2 days after we got back. With the tender-lovin’ care of Dave Jones, engineer and producer extraordinaire (and also Rick Rubin doppelganger), we’ve reworked a few tunes for a limited-edition EP that we will travel with in October (for the lucky 100 die-hard fans). Among these tunes is an acoustic version of “No Blame” which will be the centerpiece of and upcoming music video directed by Brett Eichenberger (Light of Mine). It features Rebecca on The Schoenhut (Mark Well The Name), Ji on Blossom Bells and a beat-up cello bow, and Kyleen’s ninja skills with a viola and a not-so-beat-up bow.

If you live in Portland, we have a show on September 20th at The Atlantis Lounge, with the incomparable Patti King, and Kelly Anne Masigat. Door is $5, show starts at 9.




Solar Culture (Tucson) 5/18/12


Tucson & the way forward

Travels, travels, travels…we’ve covered a little over 3,000 miles in the past 11 days (with 2 days of no travel!). At this point in the trip faces, places, meals all start to blur together. Surrendering to the pace of touring is always a bit of a challenge–the one point of clarity being the consistently distinct unction of each scene we briefly touch upon.

We’d like to thank our hosts: longtime friend and cellist Melissa Collins, our comrade and merch designer Eric Redpath (Papercut Press) the always glamorous and warm Unity y Christela and genuine Arizona sweetheart Patty Martin for the esteemable digs along the way.

It’s our first tour as an ensemble and accordingly, the performances have been a combination of hilarious/wonderful/educational/invigorating/experimental/comfortable. In a couple of hours we have the pleasure of warming up the stage for the powerful and delicate Rebecca Gates here in Tucson. Tomorrow to L.A. and that which may lay beyond.






Tucson rehearsal


Tonight, The Horned Hand

Leaving sunny (finally) PDX today to take the short trip to Bend, OR to play a show at what has to be one of the greatest venue names of all time…The Horned Hand. Lots of fellow musicians have waxed excitedly to us about this place so we are really looking forward to getting a chance to check it out…


Well, the first show of the tour went pretty damn well I think–We had our first crazy dancer trying to breakdance (and mostly ending up on his Ass$$ while listeners smiled knowingly…

Rebecca noticed that everyone in Bend, OR looks like they’ve just completed a triathalon–some probably had! (They have a thing here called P.P.P…pole/push/paddle). Bartenders Nolan and Laurie plus sound guy Jasper did their best to make us feel right at home…

Tomorrow the long drive to SLC



Two pieces of news:

Swansea is excited to announce that Portland, OR based Self Group will be handling publicity duties on our upcoming May Tour! We are planning some special promotions and ticket gives for all of the confirmed shows.

Thanks to KZME 107.1 and James Dineen for inviting us to play a live set/interview for the program Sessions From The Box. Our episode will air on Thursday, April 26th at 5pm.

May Tour Finalized

Here are the final Dates and venues for Swansea‘s May “Old Blood” Record Release Tour. Dates with (RGC) are double bills with The Rebecca Gates Consortium :

May 7th— The Horned Hand (Bend, OR)

May 9th— Bar Deluxe (SLC, UT)

May 10th— Meadowlark (Denver, CO)

May 11th— House Concert (Santa Fe, NM)

May 15th— The Mohawk (RGC) (Austin, TX)

May 18th— Solar Culture (RGC) (Tucson, AZ)

May 20th— The Townhouse (RGC) (Venice, CA)

May 23rd— Hotel Utah (RGC) (SF, CA)

May 24th— Cafe Coda (RGC) (Chico, CA)

May 25th— Sophia’s (RGC) (Davis, CA)

May 26th— Alex’s (RGC) (Ashland, OR)

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