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Portland, OR based Swansea combines artful narrative and atmospheric sweep with a touch of dancey, off-the-cuff toughness–often drawing comparisons to LCD Soundsystem, St. Vincent and My Brightest Diamond.


Swansea formed in 2011 when Portland, Oregon mainstays, musician/actress/writer, Rebecca Sanborn (Loch Lomond, Blue Cranes) and drummer, Ji Tanzer (Blue Cranes, Rebecca Gates) recruited Kansas City multi-instrumentalist/singer Kyleen King to expand the sound of their long standing duo project. As a trio, in 2012 the group released their first full length album “Old Blood” and completed multiple tours of the United States. Between 2013-2015, Swansea toured Europe and found significant success in scoring and licensing music for a diverse array of films, including the track & field documentary “We Grew Wings” (2013), the feature length, multi-award winning dramas “Light of Mine” (2013), “A Standing Still” (2014) and “Death On A Rock” (2015). With the engineering/production help of John Askew (Neko Case, Wild Flag), Swansea’s sophomore album, “Flaws” is slated for a Spring 2017 release on the Self Group label. Stylistically, Swansea combine artful narrative and atmospheric sweep with a touch of dancey, off-the-cuff toughness–often drawing comparison to LCD Soundsystem, St. Vincent and My Brightest Diamond.


“Swansea includes members of Blue Cranes; their inventive 2012 album Old Blood showcases delightfully chopped-up rock alongside enjoyably fluid atmospherics.”

NED LANNAMANN (Portland Mercury, 3/6/13)

old blood is a peerless album by swansea, with rebecca sanborn as lead vocalist. the record is so touching and true. all the attempts we make to do the right thing that just miss the mark. swansea captures a very human feeling.”   john shelton ivany

John Shelton Ivany Top 21



“First up was Swansea, a quirky indie-rock trio from Portland.  I took it as a promising sign that their lead singer, Rebecca Sanborn, was wearing a Fanno Creek t-shirt.  Being right feels good sometimes: this group’s hypnotic keyboard hooks, rousing harmonies and powerhouse drumming struck a nice balance between arty and poppy.  As an added bonus, their lyrics were not only intelligible but commendable.  One song called bullshit on a significant other’s negative attitude while the proudly independent protagonist of their warm, redemptive closer resolved to stay by another other’s side.” – B. Schultz

Here Comes the Dumptruck

“…nobody is having more fun at this show than Rebecca Sanborn. In addition to playing synths and doing most of the singing, she jumps around, shows off her MC Hammer t-shirt, cracks jokes, and does the Roger Rabbit. (And tonight was rather subdued compared to the two other shows I’ve seen—usually there’s some whooping/howling and a high kick or two.) The whole band was nervous about debuting a couple of new songs: a piece of intricately constructed electronica and a rock song about being a samurai (with an addictive chorus along the lines of, “I am a SAMURAIIIII!!!”)–…But the nerves seemed entirely unnecessary, since they proceeded to nail both tunes and charm the pants off of us in the process.”

Two Hands Clapping



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